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Our Advantages:

             -  REAL Personal Service
             -  Corporate Business Accounts
             -  Leisure Travel Planning
             -  Customized Group Travel
             -  Enroute Travel Assistance 24x7
             -  Special Discounts that aren't Online

The fact you're here
says a lot about you.

You're an explorer. You like to travel.
You're independent and sometimes you like to do things yourself.
But you also appreciate expert advice and support.

The Travel Company Tacoma WA

...ask about our deals and discounts with tour operators
   who don't sell to the public
and aren't online!

Our Guarantee:

If something goes wrong on your trip and you made the travel arrangements with us, I guarantee we will be available to help you! With just one phone call or email we can reschedule airlines, book new accommodations and make additional reservations for you anywhere in the world!

- Mary Jo Strom Copland, Owner